About us

3R Properties Limited is a UK based company that engages in property consultancy, investments and solutions. Our goal is to offer our clients a comprehensive solutions approach for all their property needs; our services include property sourcing, mortgage advisory, property investment and property management.

The company was incorporated on 17th April, 2012 under the English Law and registered in England & Wales. RC: 8033237. The Company operates from within the central business district of Milton Keynes and is situated in the Regus Building on Midsummer Boulevard with the vision of operating in the property sector all over the UK and internationally also. The company also engages in secondary businesses which include the supply of specialist building materials and technologies to developing geographical locations and other emerging markets.



At 3R properties we understand that excellent service and quality products are at the forefront of our ideals and as such we ensure our business operations and activities are aligned with those of our client’s objectives and Ethical values.



Our Vision is to be one of the leading property consulting and solutions company with a focus on emerging markets over the next 10years.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with the best quality and efficiently delivered property solutions in all aspects of their property and building technologies requirement.