Our Services

As a property consulting firm we strive to offer our clients a comprehensive solution approach for all their property needs and requirements. Below are some of the services we offer:

Student Accommodation: Primarily, we help International students secure cost effective student accommodation in the UK through our partner firms who are the largest student accommodation providers in the UK
Property Sourcing: At 3R properties we have an extensive network of property listings for various purposes and we assist our clients in the Sourcing of properties to suit their specifications.

Advisory: Our advisory team at 3R properties offer sound and professional property advice in terms of property purchase and sales and also mortgage advisory for financing a property.

Property Investment: Property investment is at the core of our business services and our position is to seek out a wide array of both choice and lucrative options to invest in and as such we are always on the lookout for viable investment opportunities that will give our clients excellent returns on all their dealings.

Supply: Another focus for us is in the supply of specialist building products and technologies to our clients, this range from construction chemicals to bespoke building fittings and finishes. A few of the products that have featured on our supply list include construction admixtures, Chemicals and even a bespoke one of a kind decorative double glazed window fitting.